How to Get Fleas off a Kitten or Puppy

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Getting rid of fleas is never easy, but it can be a particularly tough challenge if your pet is not old enough for flea medication. There are some things you can do to ward off the problem in the meantime, but the fleas will likely come back until you can completely eradicate with the medication. My father is somewhat of a crazy-cat-lady (minus the lady part of course), so I have seen my fair share of kittens with fleas in my day. I thought it may be nice to share some of the information I have learned over the years with all of you. Here is a guide for getting rid of fleas on a puppy or kitten until you can use an actual treat the issue with medication.

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Bathe the Kitten or Puppy

The easiest thing to do is to bathe your kitten or puppy in mild dishwashing soap like Joy or Dawn. Run some moderately warm water in the bathtub. Put on rubber gloves in case your pet scratches you. Then the shower hose to run the water over your pet. Pour a quarter size drop of soap in your hand and begin to lather the fur. Be sure to get the soap close to the skin. Rub it in all over, especially near your pet’s face. Do not get it in the eyes, but get as close as you can.


When the pet is fully lathered, wrap it in a towel for a moment and just sit there. This allows the soap to kill off the flea eggs. Use tweezers to pick live fleas off your pet’s face because that is where they will run to. You can also pull the fleas out of the rest of the fur, just to be on the safe side. Dip the tweezers in a cup of water to kill the fleas you pull off. Try to get them all if you can. This is usually the time that the cat or dog will calm down a bit and understand that you are helping him or her. As long as you are careful not to hurt the kitten or puppy when you pull off the fleas, you can do a lot of good at this time,


Once you have let the soap sink in, use the hose to thoroughly rinse off the soap. If you don’t have hose, you can hold the pet under a facet with running water. You may experience some squirming at this point, but you have to do all you can to get the soap and the fleas off. I usually repeat this process a second time over, just to make sure I get off as many fleas as I can. Then I towel off the animal and leave him or her to air dry for the rest of the time.


Vacuum the House


Try to vacuum the areas that your pet goes to as often as possible to pick up potential flea eggs. There are some mild carpet flea killers out there that are safe to use around kittens and puppies. Simply sprinkle those around and vacuum up as directed. You may have to do this several times over before you fully get rid of the pests, but that effort will be well worth the comfort you can provide to your pet. No animal should have to suffer from a flea infestation, but especially not a helpless kitten or puppy. Do all you can to treat your pet, and he or she will love you forever. You may feel like you know how to become a veterinarian when everything is finished.


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